Rubber Polishing Cylinders

Rubber Polishing Cylinders

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Silicone Carbide Polishing Cylinders

These are high grade cylinders impregnated with fast cutting abrasives for excellent and speedy polishing results. These wheels measure 6 x 23mm and easily mount on our MM03 2.35 mandrel.

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£0.41 incl VAT

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Rubber Polishing Cylinders are a unique range of thermoplastic-bonded abrasives for deburring, finishing, cleaning and polishing metals, plastics, acrylics, ceramics and woods.

  • 120g – Coarsest- for grinding away excess metal and pre-polishing
  • 180g – Coarse – for smoothing and refining edges and surfaces
  • 220g- Medium – for light scratch removal
  • 320g- Fine – for pre-polishing

For use with a pendant motor, micro motor or hobby tool. Simply work down through the grades to achieve a brilliantly professional finish in a fraction of the time it takes with sanding sheets.

Please note that these do not come with a mandrel-you will need to purchase this separately MM03

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120g, 180g, 220g, 320g

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