Gesswein Abrasive Polishing Sheets – Very Fine Micron Paper

Gesswein Abrasive Polishing Sheets – Very Fine Micron Paper

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Gesswein abrasive polishing sheets – Very fine Micron paper for fine finishing and lapping.

Available in micron sizes from 30 Micron to 1 Micron which is equivalent of 400 grit to 8000 Grit.

These polishing sheets are flexible and have a non-woven backing. Each grit size has its own colour which makes it easy to identify the grit. 400 and 600 grits are made with silicon carbide grit and the finer abrasive to 8000 grit is aluminium oxide

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£6.35£7.51 incl VAT

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Gesswein Abrasive Polishing Sheets Uses:

Gesswein abrasive polishing sheets are handy polishing papers for hand finishing. The colour coded grades make them very user friendly.

Uses: Mainly used in the jewellery making industry for working on precious metals but could also be used to finely lap or polishing any metal or plastic. Excellent for finishing silver clay

Used by: Jewellery’s for polishing and finishing gold and silver. Particularly good on silver clay.

This micron fine paper is excellent for fine lapping and polishing on all metals. They are very fine grades and can be used for mirror finishing.

For Engineers

These papers are very soft and flexible making them ideal for very intricate parts where they can be cut down and folded into tight spots. Particularly useful for aerospace parts where an extremely fine finish is required. They are best used by hand so may not suit large scale applications.

For Jewellers

These Gesswein sheets are very popular with jewellers as a way to finish work without power tools. It is therefore ideal for beginners and those just starting up with basic tools.

Where you struggle to get in with a rotary tool these papers can be used as they can be stuck onto sticks or pushed into tight spots.

If you like these you may well find Micromesh is also a good option for you. It would last longer and has a tough fabric backing.

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Light Green 1 Micron (8000g), Mint 2 Micron (6000g), Pink 3 Micron (4000g), Light Blue 9 Micron (1200g), Grey 15 Micron (600g), Green 30 Micron (400g)