Angle Grinder metal polishing Kit 66 – Felt Dishes for Polishing Metal to a Mirror Finish

Angle Grinder metal polishing Kit 66 – Felt Dishes for Polishing Metal to a Mirror Finish

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Angle Grinder metal polishing Kit is suitable for large metal items to create a bright reflective mirror finish.
This Kit Includes:

  • 1 off 4×1” Polishing compound Bar
  • 1 off 4×1” Cutting (pre-polish) compound Bar
  • 4 off Felt Dishes

**Dishes come in M14 (4 1/2” Grinders) and M10 (4” Grinders). Maximum speed for the dishes is 12500rpm. Speed is crucial, too fast and the results will be less than desirable. Select your Compound

  • Pink and Black – Ferrous metal i.e Steel, Stainless Steel
  • Blue and Brown – Non-Ferrous metal i.e Aluminium, Brass, Copper
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£22.49 incl VAT

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Angle Grinder metal polishing Kit Used for:

Preparing and polishing metal using an angle grinder – either stainless steel and harder metals or aluminium and softer metals.  Start with the darker cutting compound first cut, then polish the metal with the lighter polishing compound. Load the felts with compound by running against the compound bar. Try not to overload, add more as you go. Try not to dwell in one area and keep moving over the metal. We recommend cleaning up residue and haze with Vienna Lime (not included with this kit but available).

This Angle Grinder metal polishing Kit is designed to create a mirror finish on metal the cutting compound will flatten some of the metal but you will achieved a better surface finish if the metal is well prepped. have a look at our more abrasive angle grinder dishes for pre-polishing work.

Angle Grinder metal polishing Kit Used With:

Any Angle Grinder will work well with this kit – please check if it is a M10 thread or a M14 – most are 41/2 inch grinders and M14 is more popular. An Angle Grinder with variable speed would be beneficial.

Popular With fabricators, restorers, polishers, DIY polishing, Bikers, Car Restorers

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Pink and Black – Ferrous metal, Blue and Brown – Non-Ferrous metals