Detail Polishing Kit (50) on 2.35mm – Ideal For Polishing Jewellery

£25.25 incl VAT

A Mixture of Mounted Felt Points on 2.35mm suited to detail polishing.

  • 17 off mounted felt points on 2.35mm spindle (Mixed shapes- A sample of all our dental felts)
  • 1 off 4×1” Compound Bar- Please select

Choose from:

  • Rouge for precious metals
  • Blue for polishing non ferrous metal i.e aluminium, brass etc
  • Brown for cutting (scratch removal) on non ferrous and precious metals
  • Black for cutting (scratch removal) on ferrous metals such as steel
  • Pink for polishing ferrous metal i.e steel, stainless steel etc

(contents may vary very slightly from the image). Felts made in our UK factory.

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