Micromesh Angled Flexifiles

Micromesh Angled Flexifiles

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Micromesh Angled Flexifiles – a cushioned fine grade abrasive. Easy to hold and use on any metal or plastic surface.

Choose from:

  • Regular (Fine grits) 4 assorted double sided files

1500/1800, 2400/3600, 4000/6000, 8000/12000

  • MX (Coarse grits) 5 assorted double sided files

60/80, 100/150, 180/240, 400/600, 800/1200

  • new DIAMOND MXD 5 assorted double-sided files 
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£9.54£39.26 incl VAT

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Micromesh Angled Flexifiles – Fine Abrasive files

Micromesh angled flexifiles are an excellent shape for getting into tighter spots than standard flexifiles. The angled end is flexible, but point-able.

MICROMESH® leaves a highly polished finish the flexible nature of these files allow them to conform to the item being polished. The micomesh is a latex backed cushioned abrasive which comes in very fine grades of abrasives. Micromesh is non loading, does not tear or rip and can be used wet or dry. It is very long lasting and leaves very smooth polished effects on metals and plastics.

Moleroda see this product being very popular for use with Jewellery makers working with precious metals. Precision engineers working with precise machined metal components would also fine this abrasive tool useful. It would also be very useful for plastics and resins leaving a smooth finish.

Very effective at removing material evenly with a shaving action. The grit is cushioned so it finds a common level, unlike standard wet and dry which can contain rogue grains.

The flexifiles are double sided, with 2 grits on each file.

Regular (Fine Grits) 4-file set

1500/1800, 2400/3600, 4000/6000, 8000/12000

MX (Coarse Grits) 5-file set

60/80, 100/150, 180/240, 400/600, 800/1200

MXD DIAMOND  5-file set

60/40MXD , 100/120 MXD, 180/280 MXD , 400/800 MXD, 1800/1200 MXD

The files are suitable for all materials including precious metals, wood, ferrous metal, glass, perspex etc

Go right through from removing file marks and excess solder to a high polish.

For Engineers

For engineering we can highly recommend the MX Flexifiles as they are well suited to surgical instruments, engine components, mould and dies, knives and cutting tools. Regular flexifiles however are very effective for softer metals such as aluminium, brass etc because they often require a very fine finish.

Flexifiles are very strong and cope well with edge-work as well as being flexible enough to bend to fit contours. The file itself is thin enough not to inhibit movement and is a really handy size for working on intricate mould tools and parts. The material itself is strong and will withstand working on sharp edges and hard metals.

For Jewellers

These angled files are great for jewellers as they have the much finer tips which can get in to more detailed areas.

All MX and Regular files are suitable for jewellery metals, the regular tend to be finer and are the most popular. MX are coarser grades ideal for finishing up castings and smoothing edges.

Can be used with water on resin and polymer clays. Gentle enough for working on metal clays.

Great for hand finishing, touching up repair work where you don’t want to re finish the whole piece.

Weight 0.025 kg

Regular (Finer) 4 Files, MX (Coarser) 5 Files, DIAMOND MXD SET OF 5 FILES