Plastic Polishing Compound

Plastic Polishing Compound

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Plastic Polishing Compounds to suit polishing synthetic materials and veneers including resin, acrylic and plastic.

at Moleroda we offer 4 different compound bars.

Apollo – brown compound bar (8″x 2″ in size) used for cutting and pre-polishing.

Wax 16 Menzerna compound – Light Brown bar (large bar 8″ x 2″) use with a softer mop or felt for a polished finish on plastic etc.

Mini Brown bar  – smaller polishing bar 4″ x 1″ for cutting and pre-polishing

Mini Buff bar  – smaller polishing bar 4″ x 1″ for polishing

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£2.30£16.49 incl VAT

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Plastic Polishing Compound

Various plastic polishing compound to suit Resin, Acrylic, Polyester, Veneers etc

Polishing plastic and other synthetic materials can be very tricky. Generally polishing creates a build up of heat and can start to damage what you are trying to polish.

We recommend using a cutting compound first called Apollo this will cut back any marks or scratches followed buy Menzerna wax 16 which is a specially designed compound for synthetic materials. If you use wet and dry to refine the surface first then polish with the wax 16.

Airflow Mops, Loosefold Mops, Felt Flap Wheels are just some of the carriers we would recommend for use on synthetic materials to keep the running cool.

How to Use

Run the wheel or mop on a polisher or drill etc and hold the compound bar against it so the compound melts onto the wheel / mop – loading the surface. Then work over the surface you require polishing. keep the mop moving allowing the compound to work into the surface.

For Jewellers

Menzerna wax 16 is excellent for finishing resin jewellery. This compound really supercedes Vonax and produces a much finer finish.

It can also be very handy for polishing acrylic and perspex display items which can often get scratched and look tired.

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Compound Options

Apollo Brown Cutting Compound, Wax 16 Menzerna Compound, Mini 4 x 1 inch Brown Cutting bar, Mini 4 x 1 inch Buff bar polishing bar