Ceragloss Polishing Wheels Diamond Edenta

Ceragloss Polishing Wheels Diamond Edenta

£34.69 incl VAT

Edenta Ceragloss Polishing Wheels

25mm diameter wheels on a 2.35mm spindle

Green (Coarse)

Blue (medium)

Yellow (fine)

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£34.69 incl VAT

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Ceragloss Polishing Wheels from Edenta


Ceragloss Polishing Wheels made by Edenta in Switzerland.

  • Superior finish on jewellery and hard metals
  • Metals such as Titanium, Platinum and Carbide (including Gravers)
  • Diamond impregnated
  • Can be used to shape and polish Tungsten Carbide gravers or GRS GlenSteel gravers
  • Gravers must be mounted, sized, shaped and sharpened before use

These wheels produce a high gloss finish without the need for polishing paste. Use mounted in a pendant motor or micromotor.

Green diamond is a Course grit for shaping

Blue diamond is a Medium grit for smoothing out scratches

Yellow diamond  is a Fine grit for achieving a high gloss shine

Mainly used by jewellers, however precision engineers will also find them useful on Tungsten, Titanium etc.

Also Made by Edenta, Topstar Polishing Wheels

For Engineers

Bear in mind that these wheels are on a 2.35mm spindle which is unusual for engineering.

It follows that these wheels work well on Tugsten Carbide gravers that this would carry across well to engineering for finishing similar materials and tools.

For Jewellers

These Ceragloss wheels are proving very popular in microsetting where gravers need to be very accurate, with an exacting high finish. The better the finish on the graver, the better the finish on the setting.

Weight 0.01 kg

Green (Coarse), Blue (Medium), Yellow (Fine)