Watch Polishing Kit (61) – Restore Watches

£28.12 incl VAT

A great kit to try out a range of our abrasives and polishing tools. This kit is specifically aimed at polishing watches and jewellery. All items are on a 2.35mm spindle. Please check that you have a collet to fit. Ideal for dremels and other tools with a 2.35mm collet. This kit includes;

  • 2 off w163 180 Grit Green Rubber Points
  • 1 off w163 A180 Grit GFX MX Point
  • 1 off w145 A80 Grit MCFLEX MX Point
  • 1 off Green Buffing Ball (med)
  • 1 off CA Buffing Ball (coarse)
  • 2 off 25mm MTD White Stitched Mops
  • 4 off 22mmx6mm MTD Felt Wheels
  • 1 off 22mm MTD Knife Edge Felt
  • 1 off 3/32 screw top mandrel with 3 off 200 grit Radials
  • 1 off cutting compound
  • 1 off finishing compound

Please select the compound appropriate for the metal you are polishing.
Pink and Black – Ferrous Metals i.e Steel and Stainless Steel
Blue and Brown – Non-Ferrous Metals i.e Aluminium, Brass, Copper
Brown and Rouge – Precious Metals i.e Silver, Gold

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