Watch Polishing Kit (61) – Restore Watches

Watch Polishing Kit (61) – Restore Watches

£28.12 incl VAT

A great kit to try out a range of our abrasives and polishing tools. This kit is specifically aimed at polishing watches and jewellery. All items are on a 2.35mm spindle. Please check that you have a collet to fit. Ideal for dremels and other tools with a 2.35mm collet. This kit includes;

  • 2 off w163 180 Grit Green Rubber Points
  • 1 off w163 A180 Grit GFX MX Point
  • 1 off w145 A80 Grit MCFLEX MX Point
  • 1 off Green Buffing Ball (med)
  • 1 off CA Buffing Ball (coarse)
  • 2 off 25mm MTD White Stitched Mops
  • 4 off 22mmx6mm MTD Felt Wheels
  • 1 off 22mm MTD Knife Edge Felt
  • 1 off 3/32 screw top mandrel with 3 off 200 grit Radials
  • 1 off cutting compound
  • 1 off finishing compound

Please select the compound appropriate for the metal you are polishing.
Pink and Black – Ferrous Metals i.e Steel and Stainless Steel
Blue and Brown – Non-Ferrous Metals i.e Aluminium, Brass, Copper
Brown and Rouge – Precious Metals i.e Silver, Gold

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£28.12 incl VAT

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Watch Polishing Kit

What the watch polishing kit does…

  • MX points can be shaped against a file. Use these points to remove lines and deep scratches.
  • Rubber Points can be shaped against a file. Use them to remove light scratches and marks.
  • Buffing Balls are used for a brushed satin finish.
  • Use the mounted radial wheels to get into tight spaces especially in between links of watch straps ( different grades are available from 80g – 1 Micron )
  • The Knife edge felt can also be used with compound in tight spaces especially for polishing between links.
  • The Mounted Felt Wheels can be used with the black cutting compound to flatten and prepare for polishing. A good cut is essential before polishing.
  • Use a new Felt Wheel and load with pink compound for the final polish. Polishing does take time.
  • The white stitched mops are a little softer and can also be used with compound. They are a little bit more flexible than felt.

This watch polishing kit is set up for polishing steel mainly, therefore it would be an excellent set of tools for any steel polishing. The wheels would be good for smaller items such as watches and small tools. Ideal for use with a small hobby tool, micromotor or pendant drill making it a popular kit for DIY projects. It is popular with people polishing their own watches at home.

For Jewellers

A lot of jewellers take in the odd watch, this kit could allow you to finish watches. It is also a good selection of tools for jewellery work, used with the right compound the wheels can be used on precious metal.

Equally this would be a really good starter set for a beginner jeweller. It has a good selection of common and more unususal points which are useful for mixed media jewellery. The compound is for steel but there is nothing to say the wheels can’t be used with other compound for precious metal instead.

Weight 0.25 kg

Pink and Black – Ferrous Metals, Blue and Brown – Non-Ferrous Metals, Brown and Rouge – Precious Metals