Micro-Mesh Starter Kit – 5 off 3″x 6″ Sheets

Micro-Mesh Starter Kit – 5 off 3″x 6″ Sheets

£26.17 incl VAT

Micromesh Starter Kit

5 sheets of micromesh in 100, 180, 320, 400 and 800

6” x 2” strips

A great way to sample micromesh


£26.17 incl VAT

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Micromesh Starter Kit

The micromesh starter kit consists of 5 sheets of micromesh in;

100, 180, 320,400 and 800

6” x 2” strips

Micromesh is a cushioned abrasive, grit is able to move up and down seeking a common level. This creates a smoother cut than standard abrasives.

Much less heat is produced when using micromesh which often fractures and destroys other abrasives. Micromesh maintains its high performance up to 15 times longer than ordinary abrasives.

Micromesh Grits

Micromesh works a bit differently from standard abrasives, use this chart to choose the grit you require by comparing to standard FEPA grits.

micromesh grits

Micromesh can be used wet or dry.

Larger sheets of Micromesh



For Engineers

These strips are ideal for testing out which grade is best for your application. Following testing it is then easier to select the right product to suit the tooling you have.

For Jewellers

These strips are an excellent size for jewellers. Containing a good range of grits for preparing metal for polishing, right up to a very high finish requiring little work then to get that perfect shine.

Stick flat to the bench for flat lapping, to coffee stirrers etc for easier ways to use. Ideal for all precious metals.

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