Micro-Mesh Gloss Fine Liquid Abrasives 1 Micron or 5 Micron for plastic and metal

Micro-Mesh Gloss Fine Liquid Abrasives 1 Micron or 5 Micron for plastic and metal

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Micro-Mesh Gloss is the perfect product to get the best polishing results. They can be used with any of the Micro-Mesh range to enhance the finish.

Waterbased formulation that contains an abrasive crystal.

Micro-Mesh Gloss Type 1 – 1 micron

  • ultra fine – contains 1 micron polish
  • used on plastics for a clear bright finish
  • used for polishing aircraft and any plastic surface
  • Buff in after using Micro-Mesh 12000 as a final step to add luster

Micro-Mesh Gloss Type 5 – 5  micron

  • Fine – contains 5 micron polish coarser than type 1
  • used on plastics – soft vinyl for removing fine scratches up to 9 micron in depth.

both Micro-Mesh Gloss can be used by hand or with a rotary tool – can be used with lams wool pad or felt

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£7.45£16.16 incl VAT

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Micro-Mesh Gloss fine Liquid Abrasive is available in 1 or 5 micron for very fine polishing of plastic and metals.

After using Micro-Mesh cushioned abrasive cloth to increase depth and luster to your polish try using Micro-Mesh Gloss range.

Use Micro-Mesh Gloss on for a fine finish /  polish on the following :

  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Polycarbonate
  • Gelcoat
  • Vinyl
  • and coatings


Aerospace Industry

Micro-Gloss® is recognized as a Type I daily cleaner for aircraft canopies:

  • Safe for use on both bare or coated acrylic and polycarbonate aircraft canopies
  • ASTM F791 tested and approved as compliant to USAF specification 16ZK002F (Addendum 2)
  • Approved for use on interior and exterior aircraft canopies
  • Approved for Military use NSN #5350-01-334-8997
  • Spec’d in Technical Orders:  16W2-6-2 and 16W2-5-2
  • Meets Mc Donnell Douglas/Boeing Spec D6-52021
  • Removes haze and milky appearances
  • Removes swirl marks caused by improper cleaning methods
  • Continues to improve the appearance of the transparencies when used regularly over time
  • Can be applied by hand or with a rotary buffer, using our Black Lamb® TufBuf polishing pad and sponge finessing pad


For best results use Anti-Static cream after Micro- Gloss for a perfect surface on plastic and acrylic.

You should never use products on critical surfaces that contain any of the following:

  • Petroleum distillates
  • Alcohol
  • Wax
  • Amonnia
  • Solvents
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Gloss Grade

Micro Gloss (1 Micron) Ultra fine, Micro Gloss No. 5 (5 Micron) Fine

Bottle size

2 oz Bottle, 8 oz Bottle