Mounted Felt Bob Kits

Mounted Felt Bob Kits

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Choose from metric or imperial, large or small kits.

Mixed sets of felt bobs and cones.

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£16.20£25.99 incl VAT

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Mounted Felt Bob Kits

Mounted Felt Bob Kits in two different sizes and spindle options.

Metric Large – 6mm & 3mm spindles

Metric Small – 3mm spindles

Imperial Large – 1/8” & 1/4” spindles

Imperial Small – 1/8” spindles

Each kit contains 10 mixed felts.

Choose from either metric or imperial spindles and either large felt bobs or small. A mixture of shapes are included in the kits including bobs and cones.

These kits are ideal for sampling or range of felt bobs without committing to a size or shape.

The felts are used for polishing all sorts of materials, mainly metal with the addition of a suitable compound.

Excellent quality felt bobs made in our UK factory.

For Engineers

These bobs are a great staple item for polishing any kind of metal. The range of sizes makes them a handy set for getting into a multitude of holes and gaps that need polishing. Felt is very versatile and can be used with paste such as diamond compound as well as solid wax compounds such as Menzerna. Ideal for things like mould tool polishing.

The sizes offered are common sizes for engineering tools. The larger spindle bobs are slightly bigger which is worth bearing in mind when selecting.

For Jewellers

These kits are very handy for polishing all types of metal including jewellery, however they are on spindles which may not suit jewellery tools. The kit we would recommend however is the 17-piece kit which is all on a 2.35mm spindle, ideal for use with pendant drills.

These bobs would suit pre-polishing as well as polishing with compound such as rouge and tripoli.

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Type of Kit

Large Felt Bob Kit (Metric 6mm & 3mm ), Small Felt Bob Kit (Metric 3mm)

Spindle Size

3mm, 6mm