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Finishing Tools

What Tools do I Need to Polish Jewellery? – A Student Toolkit

By Amy | 13th June 2019

What Tools do I Need to Polish Jewellery? Building Your First Polishing Tool Kit What tools do I need to […]

Finishing Touches for Jewellery

Finishing Touches for Jewellery

By Amy | 23rd May 2019

Decorative Finishes ‘Popular Finishing Touches for Jewellery’ – Patination, Satin Finishes, Hammered Textures… Following on from my previous blog about […]

Jewellers Tool Kit

Jewellers Tool Kit, Essential Tools for Students

By Amy | 9th May 2019

The Essential Tools for Beginner Jewellers Top 10 Jewellery Tools Blow Torch – I like to have 2 torches, one […]

Textured Finishes

Creating Textured Finishes for Jewellery

By Amy | 18th April 2019

Decorative Finishes for Precious Metal Shiny is not the only way! A standard commercial finish is normally a high shine […]

Guild of Jewellery Designers

Jewellers, Join the Guild Of Jewellery Designers!!

By Amy | 11th February 2019

There are Lots of Benefits to Being a GOJD Member There has been a lot of talk recently in the […]

polishing compound for jewellery

A Jeweller’s Guide to Choosing & Using Polishing Compound

By Amy | 20th December 2018

What is Polishing Compound & Why do I Need it? Polishing compound is essential to polishing with mops and felt. […]

buffing a setting

How to make your own Engagement Ring

By Amy | 10th December 2018

What could be more romantic than to make your own engagement ring? Here at PolishingJewellery.co.uk we’ve been asked about essential […]

Micro-Mesh for Jewellery

Micro-Mesh for Jewellery Polishing

By Ollie | 3rd December 2018

Micro-Mesh a Jewellers Best Friend! Use Micro-Mesh instead of Wet & Dry Wet & dry then Tripoli and Rouge, traditional […]

3M Radial Wheels

Using 3M Radial Discs for Jewellery Polishing

By Amy | 30th November 2018

What are 3M Radial Discs? 3M Radial Discs are an excellent tool for jewellery polishing with many benefits and applications. […]

Polishing Copper

How to Polish Copper | Guide to Polishing Copper

By Samantha | 11th May 2018

Moleroda employee Samantha discusses how to polish copper. Tips, techniques, and the equipment you’ll need to make polishing copper easy, […]

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  • Topstar Rubber Polishing Wheels

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