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What Tools do I Need to Polish Jewellery? – A Student Toolkit

This is the expert guide to everything beginner's need when polishing jewellery. [...]

Using 3M Radial Discs for Jewellery Polishing

What are 3M Radial Discs? 3M Radial Discs are an excellent tool for jewellery polishing [...]

Unitized Points, Moleroda’s Answer to the Roll Sander?

We’ve been having a little experiment with Unitized points to see how they would fit [...]

Top 5 Jewellery Making Tools for the Pro

Jewellery tool manufacturer Moleroda Finishing Systems reveals the Top 5 Jewellery Making Tools for the [...]

Thinking of Buying an Optivisor Magnifier?

Why do I need a Donegan Optivisor? *Save your eyes, Optivisors help to reduce eye [...]

The essential tools for jewellery polishing

Here are the essential tools for jewellery polishing from the jewellery polishing experts [...]

Polishing Flat Metal Surfaces

The Bane of Most Jewellers Lives…Polishing Flat Metal Surfaces Be it Aluminium, Silver, Steel or [...]

Polishing Aluminium

Angi over at Blanks for Stamping has made this excellent video showing tips on polishing aluminium (in [...]

Pendant Motor vs Micromotor System

Which to Choose.. Pendant Motor vs Micromotor System? It’s a very common question, the choices [...]

Micro-Mesh for Jewellery Polishing

Micro-Mesh a Jewellers Best Friend! Use Micro-Mesh instead of Wet & Dry Wet & dry [...]

Mass finishing jewellery

Interested in mass finishing techniques for jewellery? Find out the best way to effectively mass [...]

Jewellers, Join the Guild Of Jewellery Designers!!

There are Lots of Benefits to Being a GOJD Member There has been a lot [...]

How to Polish Copper | Guide to Polishing Copper

Moleroda employee Samantha discusses how to polish copper. Tips, techniques, and the equipment you’ll need [...]

How to Polish a Ring: The Secret Tool

Polish a ring to the best possible finish: The secret tool that all pro jewellers [...]

How to make your own Engagement Ring

What could be more romantic than to make your own engagement ring? Here at [...]

How to Choose the Right Polishing Mop

How do you Choose the Right Mop for your Polishing Motor? Choosing the right polishing [...]

How Do I Set Up A Bench Polisher?

Our jewellery experts detail how to set up your bench grinder and convert it to [...]

Finishing Touches for Jewellery

A guide to some of the most popular products for finishing jewellery [...]

FAQs About Polishing – Why am I not getting a Good Finish

It dawned on me that whilst putting together an FAQ section for our new Ebay [...]

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