Xebec Round Ceramic Stones (Rotary Tools)

Xebec Round Ceramic Stones (Rotary Tools)

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Round Ceramic Stones for Rotary Tools

These stones come in 4 sizes to fit straight into the chuck/collet of a rotary tool.

Use with micromotors, hobby tools, air tools or pendant drills.

Available in 220g, 300g, 400g, 600g, 800g, 1000g, 1200g


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£15.76£41.04 incl VAT

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Round Ceramic Stones

Round Ceramic Stones to fit into rotary tools for polishing and deburring.

  • These stones come in sizes to suit rotary tool collets (the sides of the stone aren’t abrasive and won’t do damage)
  • They fit straight in the tool, then you can dress to a useful point with a diamond file.
  • Useful for getting into very fine detail, the stones are surprisingly effective.
  • Used commonly for mould tool polishing and for jewellery making where fine grits and minimum movement is necessary.
  • Made from a composite material of ceramic fibres in a hard thermoset resin, they are hard to break!
  • The abrasive needs to be revealed to work which is why you need to dress the end with a file.
  • The grit runs throughout the stone, pared with it’s hardness makes this stone long lasting.

The range of grits allow you to remove material right through to a fine finish ready for polishing.

Available in 4 sizes:

1.6mm x 50mm

2.35mm x 50mm (most suitable for jewellers)

3mm x 50mm

3mm x 150mm

We would also recommend mini superstones which are used by hand for getting into tight spots.

For Jewellers

These stones have proven very popular in jewellery workshops for working on fine jewellery. You can get right into small settings and into tight angles which is a struggle with the traditional tool selection available up until now. You’ll find them less aggressive than vitrified, diamond and carbide burrs which are often used causing extra work at the polishing stage.

The stone fits straight into your rotary tool, for most Jewellers tools this will be a 2.35mm stone.

A great stone to start off with is the orange 400g, followed by a blue 800g. These grades will work well on all jewellery metals.

Weight 0.01 kg

1.6mm x 50mm, 2.35mm x 50mm, 3mm x 50mm, 3mm x 150mm


220g, 300g, 400g, 600g, 800g, 1000g, 1200g