Kit 56 – Resin Pendant Drill Polishing Kit

Kit 56 – Resin Pendant Drill Polishing Kit

£14.09 incl VAT

A great little starter kit for the beginner, or sample kit for trying our different products. With all the bits and bobs to get a lovely finish to resin and plastic items. All items are on a 2.35mm spindle which is a common size in the jewellery trade. This kit includes;

  • 1 off 4×1” Buff Compound
  • 1 off 4×1’’ Brown Tripoli Compound
  • 2 off Soft Felt Wheels
  • 2 off Calico Mops (22mmx24 lap x 3/32)
  • 4 off 22mm x 4.5mm Hardened Felt Wheels
  • 2 off Dental Felts (cone)
  • 2 off MTD bobs
  • 1 off Bristle Wheel

£14.09 incl VAT

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Resin Pendant Drill Polishing Kit 56

Resin Pendant Drill Polishing Kit – A selection of spindle mounted items on 2.35mm (3/32’’) spindles.

Mounted felt wheels, bobs and cones. Calico mops and hair wheels. All popular with jewellers for polishing Resin with a pendant drill.

How to use this polishing kit

  1. Spin wheels against compound to load them.
  2. Keep the wheels/bobs moving.
  3. Use the Tripoli compound to remove scratches and prepare for polishing.
  4. Work through the various wheels/bobs in order of hardness.
  5. Use a different wheel for each compound, do not mix the compound.
  6. Finish polishing with the white calico mops for a brilliant shine with the Buff.

For Jewellers

This kit is excellent for beginners to sample various products for polishing. It is sufficient to polish all small resin items.


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