2nd Stage Medium Cut and Colour Polishing Compounds

2nd Stage Medium Cut and Colour Polishing Compounds

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General polishing compound giving good cut and colour on ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

8 x 2 x 2” Bars.

Priced per bar.

Polishing Compound
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Polishing Compounds

£8.18£15.30 incl VAT

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Polishing Compounds

Mid stage polishing compounds also known as cut and colour compounds.

Used between cutting and polishing as a second stage. Or on their own as a one operation bar.

Large 8 x 2 x 2” Bars made by Lea Manufacturing in the UK

2000D is suitable for all metals including aluminium, brass, steel, silver etc. It is a very good – green – one operation bar and produces a nice finish.

2755 and Midas are both suited more to steel (ferrous metals), this yellow bar is a good general purpose compound.

These compounds can be used with dry sisal, white stitched mops or loosefold mops depending on how aggressive you need the compound to be.

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For Jewellers

Generally speaking jewellers don’t use a middle stage. However if one is used it is normally a green bar (2000D) with a fairly hard mop. It will give a superior finish as it prepares the metal between cutting and polishing. It may be particularly helpful when polishing silver because it can be a nightmare to remove all scratches.

Please see our blog on choosing the right compound for a comprehensive look at the options.

A Jeweller’s Guide to Choosing & Using Polishing Compound


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Polishing Compound

2000D Green, 2755 Yellow, Midas Yellow

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