1st Stage Coarse Cutting Compounds

1st Stage Coarse Cutting Compounds

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Compound bars for metal finishing from first cut to final finish. Compounds available to suit all metals. At Moleroda Finishing Systems we supply a range of Lea Manufacturing polishing compound and also Menzerna compounds. All of these compounds are the coarse soaps and are used for the first stage of cutting and flattening metal prior to polishing.

Most of these compound will leave a flatter surface but still quite a dull finish, the idea is to remove marks, scratches, welds, pits and unwanted blemishes in the metals. Once you start polishing all of these marks will become more viable so this pre-polishing stage is the most important. All mops should be used with a Dry sisal mop for good stock removal. An impregnated sisal can also be used to increase cut or white mop for a softer application

Finishing Compounds
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£5.29£13.88 incl VAT

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Cutting Compounds

Cutting Compounds – Each compound is rated out of 10 for cut (10 being most stock removal ) and gloss (10 being the brightest mirror finish.)

Apollo – Tripoli Brown colour
7 Cut and 7 brightness
Aluminium, brass, copper, bronze, gold, silver, plastics (especially good on brass)

Abracut – Grey colour –
9 Cut 3 Brightness
Mild steel, stainless steel, titanium, cobalt chrome, iron

2468 – Brown
Very dry – good particularly on aluminium good cut and colour with a clean finish. suitable on all non-ferrous metals.

Menzerna 450g super cut – Grey
7 Cut and 2 brightness
All metals including aluminium stainless steel and brass.
Very clean compound to use.

Senior 4040 – Grey
9 Cut 2 Brightness
Greasier to use with high cutting power for all ferrous steels

3050– grey
Leaves a matt finish on all steel and stainless steel

Good surface levelling qualities on mild steel prior to nickel or chrome plating.


Apollo, 2468, Menzerna 450g super cut – brass, aluminium, copper, brass, precious metals – jewellery, gold and silversmiths, aluminium extrusions, pressings, cast items, fabricating, restorations,

Abracut, Menzerna 450g super cut, Senoir 4040, 3050, Titan – steel, stainless steel mild steel, titanium, superalloys, chromes, FOR: deburring, implants, pre chrome plating, brushed finishes, industrial equipment, fabricated sheet and bar, surgical implants, car components, aerospace, turbines, exhausts.

For Jewellers

A Jeweller’s Guide to Choosing & Using Polishing Compound

Generally Apollo is the best choice for Gold and Silver, economical and very effective it cuts well leaving a bright finish ready for polishing. Traditionally you would use Rouge next but Menzerna P175 or M5 is a great alternative for a cleaner bar to use and a premium finish.

Menzerna 456G is extremely popular and is a good option for all jewellery metals. The cut is excellent and the finish is very fine ready for a final buff with Menzerna P175 or M5.

For best results prepare precious metal to around an 800g finish with wet & dry paper or Micro-Mesh to remove file marks. If scratches can still be seen after polishing, go back a step and ensure the sanding stage leaves no scratches.


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Finishing Compounds

Apollo – Tripoli Brown aluminium, brass, precious metals, Abracut – Grey Steel and Stainless, 2468 – Brown dry – All non-ferrous metals, MENZERNA 456G Grey small bar 600g – non ferrous, Senior 4040 High cut ferrous steels, 3050 – grey matt finish ferrous steels, Titan – pre plating on ferrous steels

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