Xebec Ceramic Stones for precision polishing

Xebec Ceramic Stones for precision polishing

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XEBEC Ceramic stones are used for fine detailed cutting and polishing of metal.

The Ceramic Stones are self sharpening as new fibres are constantly being exposed, this prevents clogging even with tricky metals such as aluminium and gun metal. The stones can be used by hand for very detailed finishing but are even more effective with ultrasonic polishing machines and reciprocation tools for a fast more effective use. Due to uniform diameter of the ceramic fibres, the finish imparted is also uniform.

These are very popular in Mould tool Polishing, however they are very versatile and staring to use used for other precision engineering and Jewellery polishing.

A range of size and grits are available from 120 grit to 3000 grit

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£13.06£35.28 incl VAT

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Xebec Ceramic Stones

Xebec ceramic stones are used for detailed finishing of detailed surfaces.

Ceramic Stones are a fine grit finishing stone made of a new composite material of ceramic fibres in a very hard thermoset resin. Xebec Ceramic Stones have a unique patented structure of ceramic fibres in a cross patterned bundle with fibres running in two directions. Only the ends of the stone do the work, they must be dressed and shaped for optimum work.

Stones can be shaped easily for the required use. They are excellent for getting into detailed tight areas.

These stones are available in a huge range of grits 120g which is very coarse for rapid stock removal or coarse spark surface to be removed to 3000 grit which is similar to 10 micron and used for polishing.

How To Use

  • They can also be used for reciprocatory and ultrasonic finishing for a little more power in tight spaces.
  • Ceramic stones can be used with a stone holder for hand stoning, select the stone holder that fits the stone.
  • Used with a Ultrasonic polisher they can be used for very precise stock removal or polishing. Sharp edges on tools can easily be maintained.

For Engineers

Traditionally used in Mould tool and Die polishing to get in very tight spaces.

3d printed or laser sintered parts AM manufacturing. as smaller and more detailed components can be made and finishing is required these will become an important tool.

Microscopic polishing and cleaning can be achieved, as the grit in the ceramic fibres are so small they only need a very small stroke length to work. This is particularly helpful in the medical industry.

For Jewellers

The jewellery indusry has really just found the ceramic stones for working on stone settings and polishing in small areas. They are incredibly effective on precious metals.

We would highly recommend you take a look at round ceramic stones for use in a rotary tool such as a pendant drill.


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Weight 0.01 kg

1200g (Red), 1000g (White), 800g (Blue), 600g (Black), 400g (Orange), 300g (Light Brown), 220g (Dark Brown), 120g (Purple)

Stone Size

1.5mm x 10mm x 100mm, 1.5mm x 6mm x 100mm, 1.5mm x 4mm x 100mm, 1mm x 6mm x 150mm, 1mm x 4mm x 150mm, 1mm x 10mm x 100mm, 1mm x 6mm x 100mm, 1mm x 4mm x 100mm, 1mm x 2mm x 100mm, 0.5mm x 6mm x 100mm, 0.5mm x 4mm x 150mm, 0.5mm x 2mm x 100mm