Bench Polisher Mop Kit 62 with Compound for Polishing Jewellery

Bench Polisher Mop Kit 62 with Compound for Polishing Jewellery

£23.22 incl VAT

A great little starter kit for both hobbyist and professional jewellers. A set of mops and compound for use with a bench polisher (A bench polisher with pigtails is necessary but not included).

This kit includes;

  • 1 off 6’’x 1’’ Loosefold G Mop
  • 1 off 4’’ x 1’’ Loosefold WDR Mop
  • 1 off Standard Mounted Ring Felt
  • 1 off 4×1’’ Tripoli Compound
  • 1 off 4×1’’ Rouge Compound

£23.22 incl VAT

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Bench Polisher Mop Kit 62

This bench polisher mop kit is a great starter kit for polishing small items of precious metal including watches, rings, pendants etc

Use with a bench polisher. Most 6” bench polishers are suitable for jewellery polishing but need to be adapted with pigtails if supplied as grinders (with grindstones). Ideal for use with our 12mm or 16mm Pigtail /taper with end hole available in our mandrels section.

How to use

The 6’’ G mop should be used first with the Tripoli bar for the cutting stage. This will take out scratches and prepare the metal for polishing

  1. Use the MTD Ring Felt to polish the inside of the ring
  2. Use the 4’’ WDR mop with Rouge for the final polish
  3. Wash the item between stages to avoid mixing compounds
  4. Keep the item moving to avoid creating flats and rounding edges
  5. Tie all long hair back and avoid loose clothing
  6. Do not polish chain on a bench polisher
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