Foredom Bench Lathe M.BL

Foredom Bench Lathe M.BL

£229.46 incl VAT

Foredom Bench Lathe

  • 230v
  • 1/6 hp
  • Variable speed 500 – 7,000 RPM

Ideal for precision polishing and jewellery making. Perfectly sized for small bench tops.

Perfect for use with the Foredom Filter Hood MAFH25-21 OR Foredom Dust Collector Hoods – MADCH-1

£229.46 incl VAT

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Foredom Bench Lathe

  •  1/6 horsepower, high torque motor
    • 230 Volt
    • Speed Range: 500-7,000 rpm
    • 125 Watts (continuous rating)
    • Motor shaft diameter: 5/16″(8mm)
    • Height: 5 1/8″(130mm)
    • Width: 13″(330mm) between spindles
    • Weight: 7.5 lbs (3.4 kg)
    • CSA Certified
    • CE rated
    Comes with precision machined Tapered Spindles (A-TM-5 and A-TM-6) for holding buffs and wheels up to 4″ in diameter.

The Foredom Bench Lathe M.BL has a high torque, permanent magnet motor that is extremely quiet and smooth running. Cast iron base has mounting holes and suction cup feet for a secure hold on the work surface.

Foredom is a well-respected brand; with a wide selection of additional parts suitable for their bench lathe. Flex shafts and chuck adapters to name but two options that are available to fit the lathe.

Our customers find the M.BL ideal for small jewellery work, it is surprisingly powerful for its size. We also find it popular in dental laboratories because the variable speed is necessary for polishing plastics.

Recommended Mops for the Foredom Lathe:

Small Bristle Wheels

3M Radial Brushes

3” Mops

We also offer the Foredom filter hood MAFH25-21. Most people find the combination works really well for them. The hood collects dust made whilst you polish. This, in turn, can be sent off as lemel for melting down.

For Jewellers

This little polisher is more than powerful enough for polishing all jewellery items. It is the ideal scale for most workspaces and it takes up very little room. In particular a good option for a home studio because it won’ t take up much space or create the same mess as a full scale model. You will however still need some kind of dust collector as there will still be dust and mess not always acceptable in the home.

Use it with the matching Foredom Filter Hood  OR Foredom Dust Collector Hoods – MADCH-1 Both together are very compact, the hood can even be used by the peg for use with a pendant motor. Collects dust and lemel.


Weight 2.5 kg