Micro-Mesh 100% Cotton Polishing Cloth

Micro-Mesh 100% Cotton Polishing Cloth

£2.87 incl VAT

Micro-Mesh 100% Cotton Polishing Cloth

Perfect to use with all Micro-Mesh polishing Glosses and Anti-static cream.

Will not scratch or damage during polishing.

Suitable for both metal and plastic products.

Price per cloth (12″ Square)

£2.87 incl VAT

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Micro-Mesh 100% Cotton Polishing Cloth is perfect for final finishing of metals and plastics.

We recommend you keep everything you use clean. This includes equipment, sandpapers, MICRO-MESH®, and all wiping materials. A minor scratch here or there is not a crisis situation, but picking up a piece of metal or other contaminants from the top of a work area can be a disaster.

Use with Micro Mesh products for best results:

MICRO-MESH® Anti-Static Cream MICRO-GLOSS® polish and cleaner

Acceptable Cleaning and Maintenance Materials: 100 % cotton polishing cloth or chamois, not synthetic or imitation.

We strongly advise you NOT to use the following:  Paper towels or other paper products or synthetic fibre fabrics Commercial window cleaners. Any product containing ammonia or solvents or alcohol.

For Engineers

Soft cloths are particularly essential for precision engineers where the finish is critical. They are a great way to hold parts once they have been finished to avoid scratching.

For Jewellers

These polishing cloths would be great for handling jewellery once it has been finished as precious metal is easily scratched. It would also be useful for polishing with paste or liquid polishes.

We would advise keeping it in a bag to avoid contaminating with any stray bits of abrasive or metal which might scratch.

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