Mounted Satin Finishing Kit on 2.35mm (3/32”) Kit 47

Mounted Satin Finishing Kit on 2.35mm (3/32”) Kit 47

£12.23 incl VAT

Satin Finishing Kit 47

The kit contains a mixture of abrasive nylon, unitized and wire wheels on 2.35mm

  • 2 off coarse nylon wheels
  • 2 off medium nylon wheels
  • 2 off fine nylon wheels
  • 2 off unitized wheels
  • 2 off wire wheels (1 steel, 1 brass)

(contents may vary slightly from the image)

£12.23 incl VAT

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Mounted Satin Finishing Kit

Mounted Satin Finishing Kit- ideal for use with a Dremel type tool, pendant motor or micromotor.

This kit is made in our factory.

Used for smoothing edges, blending solder joins, removing scratches and leaving an attractive matt/sateen finish.

These points are clean to use as they require no compound. They work on all metals including aluminium, steel, silver and brass

Used With a dremel type hobby tool, pendant drill or micromotor. Please check if your particular tool takes a 2.35mm spindle.

Do not spin faster than 8,000rpm and make sure not too much spindle is out of the collet/chuck.

Popular With Jewellers, fabricators, polishers, DIY polishing, Bikers, Car Restorers

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