Glass & Brass Fibre Pencils

Glass & Brass Fibre Pencils

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Pencils and refills sold individually.

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£2.29£19.98 incl VAT

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Glass & Brass Fibre Pencils

Glass & Brass Fibre Pencils, these pencils are designed for fine detail work.

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Glass Fibre


Ideal for getting into areas that are hard to reach, tight angles etc.

Use for cleaning and preparing for polishing.

These pencils are perfect for fine work, for removing rust, surface finishing, cleaning and texturing. Glass fibre can even be used for cleaning enamel between firings.

Both can be used for cleaning after laser welding.

Mounted abrasive nylon mops are a great way to clean larger areas.

For Jewellers

Their small size lends them to detailed jewellery work. Use for cleaning solder joins or preparing an area for soldering.

Most commonly the glass brush can be used for preparing the metal surface for soldering or enamelling. Used in between firings to clean the surface.

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Glass fibre, Brass fibre


Full pencil, Refill fibres only