Elastic Polishing Finishing Points

Elastic Polishing Finishing Points

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Elastic Polishing Finishing Points are much like rubber points but give a finer finish on most materials, hard and soft. Sold Individually. Available in

  • 80g, 150g or 240g

Offering excellent cut these points can be used for detail finishing leaving a smooth, matt finish.

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£1.46£2.08 incl VAT

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Elastic Polishing Finishing Points

Elastic Polishing Finishing Points are a very nice product, excellent quality rubberized abrasive points.

Mounted on a 2.35mm spindle.

There are two sizes available:

  • Hard Bond – 3.3 x 7.5mm
  • Soft Bond – 4.5 x 12mm

Choose from 3 grits

  • Coarse 80g
  • Medium 150g
  • Fine 240g

These points are suitable for all metals. They are especially useful for precious metals where detailed finishing is required, due to their small size. Hard points work particularly well to smooth sharp edges.

The hard points hold their shape nicely and fit into small spaces. Soft points are much better for finishing larger areas smoothly.

The beauty of rubber points is that they do not require anything else like compound to work, the grit is present throughout the point. This makes them very clean to use.

We recommend speeds of between 5,000 and 10,000 RPM

For Jewellers

These points are ideal for jewellers as they are on a 2.35mm spindle. The very fine points are extremely handy for getting into tighter spaces, they have a harder bond which holds the shape well.

It can be tricky to get small points like this. They work well on Gold and Silver as well as harder metals such as Steel.

Larger rubber points are available for larger areas that need finishing. We would recommend looking at Topstar Wheels or our cylinder shaped rubber points.

Weight 0.01 kg
Bond - Size

Soft – 4.5 x 12 80g (0542901), Soft – 4.5 x 12 150g (0542902), Soft – 4.5 x 12 240g (0542903), Hard – 3.3 x 7.5 80g (0542907), Hard – 3.3 x 7.5 150g (0542908), Hard – 3.3 x 7.5 240g (0542909)