Soft Loosefold Polishing Mop WDR

Soft Loosefold Polishing Mop WDR

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 Our most popular soft polishing mop.

This Polishing mop works brilliantly with polishing compounds, particularly for final polishing to create a bright reflective mirror finish on a metal surface.

Soft loosefold Polishing mops can be used to polish all metals including – Precious metals with Rouge compound. Aluminium, Brass, Copper and also harder metals such as steel and stainless steel and most other alloys or unusual metals.

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£3.97£75.10 incl VAT

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Soft Loosefold Polishing Mop

Used for: 

Soft Loosefold Polishing Mop for mirror finishing all metals. Loosefold WDR Mops (White double raised WDR lint finish mop.)

These mops are for final finishing metal to create a bright reflective mirror finish. You must make sure that the metal surface has been worked and flattened. Pre-polishing peroration is very important or you will be polishing all the peeks on the surface and you will not achieve a good finish. See Dry Sisal mops and White stitched mops to see how to prepare the surface.

Polishing Aluminium and harder metals such as stainless steel – To create a mirror finish use a white polishing compound.

Polishing precious metals, gold and silver – Rouge is a very popular fine polishing compound.

What Size Polishing Mop should I use:

3 and 4 Inch Polishing mops – these smaller mops can be used in an angle grinder with a tapered mandrel to hold it. They can also be used on a bench polisher for slower speed polishing

6 and 8 Inch Polishing Mops – These are most popular mops and should be used with a 6″ bench polisher or an 8″ polisher.

10 and 12 Inch Polishing Mops – These larger mops are excellent when you are working on larger surface areas. A heavy duty machine would be required we sell Cannings machines and also a 1.5 HP polisher. 

Remember to pick the mop which will fit the tool you want to use and also think about the application, small mops or smaller spaces. check out our blog for more information


Weight 0.4 kg

3" (75mm), 4" (100mm), 6" (150mm), 8" (200mm), 10" (250mm), 12" (300mm)


1/2" (12mm), 1" (25mm), 1.1/2" (37mm), 2" (50mm)


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