Plastic and Resin Polishing Kit – 25

Plastic and Resin Polishing Kit – 25

£25.56 incl VAT

Polish up headlights, plastic car and bike parts, plastic and resin around the home with this simple to use drill kit.

  • 1 off 4”x1section (1/2”) White Stitched Mop- Cutting Stage
  • 1 off 4×1” G-Mop – Polishing Stage
  • 1 off 4×1”WDR – Final Polishing Stage
  • Brown 4×1” Compound Bar- Cutting Stage
  • Buff 4×1” Compound Bar- Polishing Stage
  • 75mm Taper on 6mm Shank- For mounting mops using a drill
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£25.56 incl VAT

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Plastic and Resin Polishing Kit

Plastic and resin polishing kit, easy to use with a standard drill

Used for Polishing plastics, resins etc. Popular for use on items such as headlights and other plastic vehicle parts.

Used With a standard drill or on a bench polisher with pigtails (not included)

We also sell a large bar call Menzerna Wax 16 which is what we recommend if a lot of plastic/resin polishing needs doing, for a very good finish.

How To Use

Insert taper into drill chuck and tighten. Start with the white stitched mop if you have scratches to remove (it is best to remove the worst with wet and dry before starting). Spin it against the brown compound to load. Work over the surface ensuring you keep moving, if you dwell heat will build up which will melt plastic and resin.

Move on to either the G then the WDR mop. Load the mops with the buff polishing compound, once again keep moving to keep heat from developing.

Weight 0.75 kg

Blue and Brown for Non-Ferrous Metal, Pink and Black for Ferrous Metal, Buff and Brown for Plastic