Jewellery Flick Wheels Maximat For Bench Polishers

Jewellery Flick Wheels Maximat For Bench Polishers

£34.25 incl VAT

Jewellery Flick Wheels (Maximat)

For imparting a satin/ frosted finish on precious metals

Available in 4 grades:

Blue 0.2mm Fine

Red 0.3mm Medium

Yellow 0.45mm Coarse

Green 0.6mm V.Coarse

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£34.25 incl VAT

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Jewellery Flick Wheels Maximat

Jewellery Flick Wheels also known as frosting wheels or matting wheels.

Used to give metal a satin, frosted finish much like it has been sand blasted. The effect is deep enough to not wear away too quickly.

It is best to build up the finish, initially it looks like it is uneven but with a little more work it will leave a beautifully even texture.

Only light pressure is required, the steel legs do all the work.

These larger wheels are designed to be mounted on the pigtail of a bench polisher.

Max Speed 2,800 rpm.

Warning! Eye protection must ALWAYS be worn whilst using these mops as the steel legs can and do come free.

Weight 0.1 kg

Blue 0.2mm Fine, Red 0.3mm Medium, Yellow 0.45mm Coarse, Green 0.6mm V.Coarse