Felt Rollers (Unmounted) Felt Cylinders – Small felt wheels

Felt Rollers (Unmounted) Felt Cylinders – Small felt wheels

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*Please be aware these are bespoke items and will take approximately 5 days to ship. Made in our UK factory.

Unmounted felt rollers for polishing, made in our Wiltshire Factory. Other sizes and centre hole options are available.
Don’t see what you need? Contact us as we can offer more options and make to your specification.

Used for polishing, these rollers are very versatile and can be used for a huge variety of applications. The roller shape is ideal for getting into tight areas, for polishing in grooves, gaps etc.

Size Diameter x length - Per 10, Medium or Hardened
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£3.84£58.56 incl VAT

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Felt Rollers also known as Felt Cylinders are used for metal polishing.

Rollers are different to wheels where the Diameter is smaller than the length. We also manufacture felt wheels.

Use Felt Rollers with:

Used with a tapered spindle or mandrel. Depending on the size of the roller they can be used with anything from dremels, to a standard drill to a bench polisher with pigtails.

Used with compound for polishing such as Menzerna, Lea compound, Diamond compound. Used in a number of industries by fabricators, sculptors, engineers, jewellers etc

This is a much cheaper way of using felt bobs. There is no spindle and a mandrel can be reused each time instead.

Other Felt Roller options:

There are 4 felt density Moleroda manufacture. soft, Medium, hard and chemically hardened. – the Website only offers Medium density felt.

All felt cylinders come with a 3mm centre hole, Pinholes, 6mm or 2 stage holes are also available.

We can make in volume or bespoke – please contact us.

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Size Diameter x length - Per 10

25 x 50mm, 25 x 40mm, 20 x 40mm, 20 x 25mm, 20 x 20mm, 12 x 40mm, 12 x 25mm, 12 x 20mm, 12 x 12mm, 32 x 25mm, 40 x 50mm

Medium or Hardened

Medium Density, Hardened

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