Polishing Felt Hand Files- Wooden Handle

Polishing Felt Hand Files- Wooden Handle

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Polishing Felt Hand Files – buffing polishing sticks

Felt coated wooden hand files made in our UK factory.

These files are an excellent workshop basic. Used for hand finishing all materials.

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£2.72£3.20 incl VAT

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Felt Hand Files

These felt hand files – buffing / polishing sticks are used in many industries for metal polishing.

Polishing Hand Files are used when you require the delicacy of hand polishing work on a flat metal surface. The felt can be used with a range of different compounds from Diamond compound to Rouge . Ultralap and simichrome also work well and suit non ferrous metals. The felt files alone will not create a shine, the compound does the work.

Felt files are made in our UK factory using high quality felt.

For Engineers

Felt buff sticks can be used with various pastes such as the new super chrome or diamond compound. Useful where you can’t use a power tool with a mop. Harder felt offers more cut and may be more suitable on harder metals. Varying the hardness and type of compound you can achieve a range of finishes.

For Jewellers

These felt files work well with traditional rouge compound as well as paste compounds such as diamond compound. Ideal for working on large silverware.

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