Diamond Compound 20g Syringe

Diamond Compound 20g Syringe

£28.07£62.62 incl VAT

20g Syringes of Diamond Compound

Available in 1/10 to 90 Micron (Colour Coded) 20g syringes.

Buying Diamond compound in 20 gram syringes is a much more cost effective way of buying this product.

Highly graded diamond compounds in paste form. Oil and water miscible.

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Diamond compound 20g

£28.07£62.62 incl VAT

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Diamond Compound 20g Syringes

Diamond Compound 20g, medium concentration

  • Best value for money – buying larger quantities of diamond compound in a 20g syringe is the cheapest way to buy.
  • Available in 1/10 very fine to 90 Micron the coarsest (Colour Coded) 20g syringes.
  • Quality and highly graded diamond paste ready for easy application of metal polishing.
  • Used mainly for mould tool polishing although also used in lapidary, watch making/repair and jewellery making for creating a high mirror shine on metal.
  • Diamond compound is used in the mould tool making industry for creating a mirror finish on aluminium and tool steel tools.
  • The paste should be used with lapping fluid and a felt or calico product. For best results work down through the grades until the required result is achieved.

Oil and water miscible.

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