Mounted Mini Mops for metal polishing

Mounted Mini Mops for metal polishing

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Mounted Mini Mops are a great little product, they are very similar to polishing mops but these are much smaller for use in a pendant motor, Dremel or drill.

These mini mops are available in three different grades

  • Dry Sisal mop – which is hard material best for sanding and pre-polishing to be used with a cutting compound for best results.
  • Stitched G material mop– this cream colour mop is a mid stage polishing mop
  • WDR stitched mops – are perfect for final finishing very popular with jewellers rouge and other polishing compounds.

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£15.05£25.13 incl VAT

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Mounted Mini Mops are a great little polishing tool, they are mounted into a spindle so they can be used in a pendant motor or Dremel style machine. They are used for polishing metal – depending on what metal you are wanting to polish you need to select the correct compound for the desired result.

These stitched mops hold together much more readily than other calico mops and cotton yarn mops you can also apply a little more pressure when polishing.

Mini mops grades sizes – options:

These stitched mini mops are also available in 3 grades:

Dry Sisal – coarse for pre-polishing and surface preparation

G material – medium

WDR – soft for finishing

They are also available in 2 sizes 6mm thick and 12mm thick. Also on a 3mm spindle and on a 2.35mm(3/32″) which is more popular for Jewellery making.

Which compound:

For Jewellery – Gold, Silver polishing I would only use the G and WDR mops the Dry Sisal might be a bit too aggressive. Use these stitched mops with rouge or Menzerna compounds for a bright shiny finish.

Aluminium, bronze, brass, copper polishing all three mop types would be suitable. I would recommend Apollo compound for cutting, 2000D for a good finish and 309BX for a really brilliant finish.

Stainless Steel polishing and other hard metals – starting with the dry sisal with Abracut compound is best, then 2000D compound and FF9 white compound for a really great bright mirror finish.

What tool should I use my mounted mini mops in?

We recommend a speed of 12,000 RPM with these mops and a machine with variable speed is best.  Normally used with a flexshaft, pendant motor, micro motor, dremel or hobby tool. depending on our application.

These are sold per 10 but a kit is also available.

For Jewellers

Dry sisal is not generally so useful for jewellery though it works well for larger silverware. The WDR and G mops are the most useful and can be used with both cutting and polishing compound. The WDR is very slightly softer than the G mops.

An ideal size for jewellery is 25mm dia x 6mm on a 2.35mm spindle. 

Weight 0.05 kg
Type Per 10

Dry Sisal – coarse, G material – medium, WDR – soft swansdown


22mm Diameter x 3mm thick, 25 Diameter x 6mm thick, 30mm diameter x 6mm thick, 30mm diameter x 12mm thick, 30mm diameter x 3mm thick

Spindle Size

3mm shank, 2.35mm shank (popular for Jewellery industry)