Abrasive Wooden Hand Files

Abrasive Wooden Hand Files

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Abrasive wooden hand files made in our UK factory.

These files are an excellent workshop basic. Used for hand finishing all materials.

Available in a full range of grits in Wet and Dry and Aluminium Oxide. Sold Each

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£2.75 incl VAT

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Abrasive Wooden Hand Files

Abrasive wooden hand files also known as ‘Buff Sticks’ can be used in most industries. They prove an effective and easy way of using abrasive paper.

Used exactly the same as abrasive papers are used by hand.

Aluminium Oxide is very useful for general engineering and working on non-precious metals. A real workshop basic, there are countless uses for these sticks. From preparing work for polishing, removing burrs, cleaning up etc

Wet & Dry (Silicone Carbide) is ideal for Jewellers working with precious metals.

For Jewellers

A very familiar tool for all jewellers classically trained. Used for prepping work for polishing, the idea is to work through a range of grits reducing down scratches until you are ready to polish with mops and compound.

The traditional way to use these sticks is to work from coarse to fine. Start with your coarsest grade, rub 12 times one way then 12 times the other way. Change to the next grit and repeat making sure to go against the grain again.

It is best to keep a set of sticks for each metal to avoid cross contamination.

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Silicon Carbide (wet & dry), Aluminium Oxide