Micro-Mesh Flexifiles

Micro-Mesh Flexifiles

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Cushioned abrasive surfaces ideal to use in tight spaces, Micro-Mesh Flexifiles are perfect for small objects and particularly curved forms. They are also a great way to sample different grits.

Micro-Mesh leaves a highly polished finish as the flexifiles conform to the shape of the object being worked on.

Micro-Mesh® Flexifiles in a variety of grits.

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Micro-Mesh Flexifiles

£1.96£2.11 incl VAT

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Micro-Mesh Flexifiles

The essential tool for every workshop, tool room or home, Micro-Mesh Flexifiles are ideal for hand finishing to smooth, deburr and polish small areas.

Perfect for jewellery, wax carving, lapidary, woodworking, plastic polishing, mould tool polishing, home polishing and model making.

Micro-Mesh Flexifiles are made with laminated foam and a sturdy styrene core. The abrasive crystals recede when you apply pressure while rotating slightly and evenly across the surface. This process results in very fine and uniform scratch patterns.

The files are washable with a little soapy water.

For larger areas and use with a machine, MICRO-MESH® sheets would be a better selection. If you’re undecided we also do a Micromesh Starter Kit

For Engineers

For engineers we can highly recommend the MX Flexifiles as they are well suited to surgical instruments, engine components, mould and dies, knives and cutting tools. Regular flexifiles however are very effective for softer metals such as aluminium, brass etc because they often require a very fine finish.

Flexifiles are very strong and cope well with edge-work as well as being flexible enough to bend to fit contours. The file itself is thin enough not to inhibit movement and is a really handy size for working on intricate mould tools and parts. The material itself is strong and will withstand working on sharp edges and hard metals.

For Jewellers

For Jewellers there are two types of flexifile we would recommend you start with. The 2-way 100/150 for preparing castings, smoothing file marks, shaping etc. Following this we would recommend a 4-way file which you can then go through the grades up to a very high finish which can then be easily polished leaving a perfect finish.

All MX and Regular files are suitable for jewellery metals, the regular tend to be finer and are the most popular.

Can be used with water on resin and polymer clays. Gentle enough for working on metal clays.

Weight 0.01 kg

5/8" x 6", 1/2" (12mm) x 6", 3/8" x 4"


4-Way 180 MX (D. Grey), 2400 (Pink), 4000 (White), 12000 (L.Grey), 3-Way 2400 (Pink), 4000 (White), 12000 (L.Grey), 2-Way 60/80 MX, 2-Way 100/150 MX, 2-Way 240/320 MX, 2-Way 400/600 MX, 2-Way 800/1200 MX, 2-Way 1500/1800 Regular, 2-Way 2400/3200 Regular, 2-Way 4000/6000 Regular, 2-Way 8000/12000 Regular, 2-Way 1500/3200 AO

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