Topstar Rubber Polishing Wheels

Topstar Rubber Polishing Wheels

£1.39 incl VAT

Edenta Topstar Rubber Polishing Points

Sold Each

  • 14.5mm x 2mm on 2.35mm spindle
  • Brown (scratch removal) Green (Polishing)

Perfect for jewellery finishing.

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£1.39 incl VAT

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Rubber Polishing Wheels

Rubber polishing wheels – Edenta Toptar

  • Silicon Carbide grit
  • 2.35mm spindle
  • 14.5mm x 2mm

Choose from:

  • Brown for scratch removal and preparing the metal
  • Green for polishing to a high finish

Nice small wheels, easily get into angles (could be dressed to a knife edge) and will fit inside larger rings.

Topstar wheels work really well when paired with a couple of other tools like micromesh flexifiles  and for creating a swirl free finish cotton yarn mops with a bit of menzerna or rouge

For Jewellers

Ideal for jewellery finishing, the brown wheel is used first to removes scratches and prepolish. Follow up with the green wheel to impart a high shine.

For Engineers

Top star wheels are also great for non precious metals. The small size wheels are great for getting into tight spots. the wheels don’t break down too easily so could be used on all metals. Bear in mind these are finer finishing grades.

Weight 0.01 kg

Brown (scratch removal), Green (polishing)