RODA NyMop – 6″ Nylon Lap Disc Mop

RODA NyMop – 6″ Nylon Lap Disc Mop

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6″ or 150mm abrasive nylon lap disc mop. Moleroda’s Lap disc mops are made of abrasive nylon much like 3M scotchbrite mops.

Abrasive nylon laps are approx 1/4” thick for finer mops and 1/2” for HD heavier duty mops. All mops are washered.

These fibral mops are available in a range of thickness.

If you require a different size please let us know, this is a product we make in our Wiltshire factory so it is not a problem if you require a different size or different grades.

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£4.08£15.67 incl VAT

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Abrasive Nylon Wheels 6”

Abrasive Nylon Wheels 6” dia. come in the following grades:

  • HDVCA (Heavy duty Very Coarse)
  • Superior Brown (New longer lasting medium grade)
  • BLACK (brush finish on Stainless steel)
  • HDMA (heavy duty medium)
  • MA (maroon Medium)
  • GREEN (General Purpose)
  • UFS (Ultra Fine)

No compound necessary, the abrasive is in the material.

This 6″ mop is ideal for use on an angle grinder, bench grinder/polisher or dill. It is our most popular size. Angle grinders must be variable speed to avoid premature wearing of the mop.

4” mops are available here.

Use with a taper cone or pigtail.

Abrasive nylon lap disc mops are the quickest way to clean up metal – they are excellent for rust removal, general cleaning, weld blending and restoring a matt shine to stainless steel and aluminium.  Our most popular mop is the 6 x 6 lap HDMA – this mop will blend, clean, remove rust, dirt, loose paint, deburr, remove machine lines, blend welds, and leave a fine matt shine on stainless steel and aluminium (all metals in fact)

We can suggest the best grade for the finish you require

Used by Fabricators, sculptors, welders, hobbyists, antique restorers, engineers

Weight 0.4 kg

BLACK (Brush Finish on Stainless steel), HDVCA (Heavy Duty Very Coarse), HDMA (Heavy Duty Medium), Superior Brown (Heavy Duty Coarse), CA (Maroon Coarse), MA (Maroon Medium), GREEN (General Purpose), UFS (Ultra Fine)

No. of laps

2 laps, 4 laps, 6 laps