RODA MX Points – For grinding and blending metal

£42.77£61.36 incl VAT

MX Mounted points are used for grinding and finishing metal components. They are useful for cleaning up welds, blending machine lines, they are excellent for edge breaking and chamfering on a range of materials from aluminium to harder metals such as Inconel.

MX abrasive points cotton fibre impregnated with aluminium oxide grain. MX Mounted points give a finer, shinier finish than conventional abrasive points with an equal grit. They have good result on more difficult steels. They do not clog and offer a long working life.

MCFLEX (Harder) has a harder bonding for longer life and more cut. Excellent blending on stainless steel. Great for smooth edge breaking and chamfering edges. GFX (Softer) is recommended for blending and polishing, as well as light stock removal.

Per pack of 10.

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