Cratex Wheel & Point Kit 777 (0545292)

Cratex Wheel & Point Kit 777 (0545292)

£115.93 incl VAT

A kit comprising of 80 various shaped wheels and points. These are in equally assorted grits. Also 4 point mandrels on a 3mm shank to fit. A great way to sample the cratex range. Grits:

  • Coarse (Dark Green) grit size 40
  • Medium (Dark Brown) grit size 90
  • Fine (Light Brown) grit size 120
  • Extra Fine (Light Green) grit size 240

£115.93 incl VAT

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Cratex Wheel & Point Kit

Cratex Wheel & Point Kit comprises of a variety of wheels and points in various sizes and assorted grits. Also included are suitable mandrels.

  • Cratex offers a unique cushioned action ensuring soft, smooth and free cutting. The rubber is impregnated with grit throughout.
  • Useful for deburring, polishing and grinding.
  • Cratex can be used for wet and dry grinding on nearly all materials. Non ferrous metal, ferrous metal and even plastics.
  • The material resists clogging and smearing.
  • Cratex material is not sensitive to cooling or grinding media or even oil. Even more gentle work can be achieved when used in conjunction with compound.
  • Mandrels included are on a 3mm spindle making this kit ideal for use with a flexshaft, micromotor, air tool or hobby drill.
  • Can be used with cooling/grinding media, oil, rust prevention spray, compound etc without problems.
  • The cratex name is popular, consequently  it is commonly used by mould tool polishers, precision engineers and jewellers.

For Engineers

Engineers often use Cratex as it is an easy to use abrasive that works on a full range of materials.

For Jewellers

This kit is supplies with 3mm mandrels which are unusual for jewellers, however we do sell the same mandrels on a 2.35mm

Screw top mandrel

Taper mandrel

Cratex works really well on jewellery metals. The variety of wheels and shapes are very useful.

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