Diamond Riffler File Set of 6

Diamond Riffler File Set of 6

£64.60 incl VAT

Set of 6 mixed medium grade Diamond Riffler Files. 14cm overall length. Double ended mixture of shapes for deburring and working on all precision metal. These are precision files which are useful in tight spaces and on very detailed work.


£64.60 incl VAT

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Diamond Riffler File Set

Diamond Riffler File Set of 6 14cm files

As opposed to other abrasives, diamond abrasive works quicker than standard needle files for removing material.

  • Used for refining and smoothing edges, removing burrs, smoothing solder joins/welds, removing scratches etc.
  • Riffler files include shapes not available as needle files. The curved shapes are useful for awkward areas.
  • Diamond riffler files are generally used by hand. Machine files are available for air lappers etc.
  • Used by jewellers, sculptors, precision engineers and mould tool polishers.

For Engineers

Useful for very detailed work. Choosing the right riffler can help you get in to some very tricky spots. The curved tips reach where no other file will.

For Jewellers

The points of these riffler files can go down very fine and present a really handy tool for jewellery. The diamond grit cust faster and leaves a smooth finish which is easy to then smooth and polish.

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