Diamond Needle Files

Diamond Needle Files

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Individual diamond needle files

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Diamond Needle Files – Individual

Diamond needle files are available in a range of shapes that suit precision work.

These files are very popular for precision engineering and jewellery where there is often limited space. Less strokes are needed to remove the material, especially because the file cuts on both the forward and back stroke.

Diamond is highly effective because it cuts quickly, with accuracy and removes material on both the push and pull stroke unlike standard needle files. They are however similar to standard needle files in both size and shape.

Standard Vallorbe needle files are available.

Diamond files come in 3 grades:
D151 Coarse
D126 Medium
D64 Fine

Sold individually.

For Engineers

Diamond files are ideal for hard metals, cutting faster and with less effort. These files are normally used by hand, however they could be used with a reciprocator.

For Jewellers

These files are much quicker cutting than standard vallorbe style needle files. They do leave a much smoother finish too. Follow up with Micromesh Files in coarser MX grades.

Ideal for getting into tighter areas as they need less movement to remove a good amount of material.

Diamond Needle Files

Weight 0.01 kg

Fine D64, Medium D126, Coarse D151


Slitting, Barrette, Oval, Crossing, Knife, Half-round, Round, Square, Triangle, Flat