Abrasive Cloth Sheets Starke

Abrasive Cloth Sheets Starke

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Abrasive Cloth Sheets – Aluminium Oxide

Packs of 50 sheets

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£59.81£88.12 incl VAT

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Abrasive Cloth Sheets

Abrasive Cloth Sheets also known as emery cloth.

Per 50 Sheets.

German made Starke cloth backed aluminium oxide abrasive sheets.  Excellent quality soft cloth backed sheets. This high quality abrasive sheets are thicker, longer lasting and very heavy wearing compared to regular wet and dry.

  • From 60 grit to 600 grit.
  • You can use wet or dry for rubbing down and prepping any surface.
  • The cloth sheets are much more flexible and easy to use.

Abrasive paper is one of the most universal abrasives. It is perhaps more common in general finishing than jewellery but very useful for mixed media work.

Abrasive cloth is much harder wearing and flexible too making is especially useful for large scale work in steel and aluminium. Ideal for wrapping around a block.

For Jewellers

Not generally used for precious metals this emery cloth might be more suited to mixed media jewellery work where a coarser abrasive is necessary. For example where wood and metal are combined. We would normally advise using wet and dry paper for precious metals in particular.

Weight 1 kg

600 grit R222, 500 grit 641PFZ, 400 grit 641PF, 320 grit 641PF, 240 grit 611PF, 180 grit 641PF, 120 grit 641 PF, 80 grit 641PF, 60 grit 641PF