Tapering Diamond Needle Files

Tapering Diamond Needle Files

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Sets of 10 mixed shape – tapered diamond needle files. Available as a mixed set or as individual grades.

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£43.26 incl VAT

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Tapering Diamond Needle Files

Tapering Diamond Needle Files are useful for filing in tight areas for shaping, deburring, smoothing, weld/solder removal etc

The files work quickly and accurately, they cut on the push and the pull stroke. They remove metal quicker than standard needle files.

These files are used by hand.

Diamond needle files are useful in most applications although particularly popular with jewellers, precision engineers and model makers. This is due to their fine size.

Ideal for removing excess solder, in tight angles, for shaping ceramic stones. They are very useful to have to hand at the bench because they work on such a wide range of materials.

Set of 10 Mixed Shapes

Choose from mixed or all one grade; coarse, medium or fine. Handles are colour coded for easy identification.

Full sized diamond needle files are available here.

For Jewellers

The size of these diamond files is perfect for jewellery work. The finest grades make smooth scratches which are easy to polish up from. We would recommend the Micro mesh flexifiles in MX 100/150 for removing these scratches to prepare for polishing.

Use them for a variety of jobs including mixed media work and for dressing stones such as the round ceramic stones. They are also really good for resurfacing and dressing rubber/silicone points.

A great little started set ideal for students as well as the professional jeweller.

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Mixed Set, Green – Fine D600, Yellow Med/Fine D400, Red – Med/Coarse D200, Black – Coarse D100