RODA – Norton Unitized Points 2SF Soft / Fine Grade

RODA – Norton Unitized Points 2SF Soft / Fine Grade

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Norton unitized points are softer than our standard unitized points. Ideal for surface improvement on all metals.


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Norton Unitized points

£21.01£30.90 incl VAT

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Norton Unitized Points – what do I use them for?

Norton Unitized points are excellent for any metal working – these points are made from a Unitized material which is a compressed scotchbrite material. These points are excellent for surface preparation because it is coarse cutting but leaves a smooth finish. Or for deburring.

They can be shaped into a point or cone for reaching into tight spaces.

Engineering – these are excellent for blending machine lines in aluminium and leaving a brilliant surface finish. They can also be used for light deburring and cleaning up. They will not cause any damage like carbide burrs, which can over cut. But instead they leave a bright surface finish.

Fabrication – great for blending welds and cleaning up in tight areas on aluminium as well as other softer metals.

Jewellery – works similar to a roll sander and will leave a fine texture finish or good pre-polish tool. popular on a 3/32″ spindle (2.35mm)

These points are similar to our deburring Wheels 


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Size (per 10)

6mm x 12mm, 10 x 12mm, 12mm x 25mm, 25 x 25mm


2.35mm (3/32''), 3mm, 6mm