Eneska Micromotor Set New Generation ENESKAMicro 600

£3,160.13 incl VAT

Eneska NSK micromotor this set includes:

  • EneskaMicro 600 micromotor Control box
  • NSK Nakanishi Motor JBM 50 HT (high torque)  motor  – can be used with all 4-1 handpieces.
  • Motor cable
  • Rapid chuck handpiece JEHR-500 (from the NSK 4-1 range)

The perfect tool for :

Grinding     Polishing     Deburring      Milling

Used by Engineers polishing mould tools and dies, Jewellery making industry, deburring precision components and any fine work with rotary tools – industrial version of a Dremel!

Best tool on the market and highly versatile with many extra handpieces which can be used with it.


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