Optivisor Lens Plates

Optivisor Lens Plates

£54.75 incl VAT

Optivisor Lens Plates

for Optivisor headband

  • OptiVISOR lenses are ground and polished to precision ophthalmic standards
  • The OptiVISOR frame is made of lightweight, durable impact resistant materials
  • The comfortable continuous headband is fully adjustable to fit any size quickly and easily.
  • Adjustable pivot knobs hold the visor in any position for easy flip-up viewing
  • Interchangeable lens plates are available for various applications
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£54.75 incl VAT

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Optivisor Interchangeable Lens Plates

Donegan offers a range of Optivisor lens plates to suit their visors.

Optivisors are hands-free, headband binocular magnifiers. Normally you would buy an optivisor with a lens already in it. All lens plates will unclip allowing you to change to different magnifications.

With optical-grade ground and polished lens available in multiple dioptric strengths. These provide specific magnification power (X) at specified focal lengths, or distance from object.

The magnifier enhances the size and resolution of an object or image.  It is commonly used for a variety of applications such as:

  • jewellery making
  • watch-making
  • needle work
  • artwork
  • electronics
  • print inspection
  • stamp-collecting
  • Medicine

Optivisor lens plates chart

optivisor interchangeable lens plates

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DA-2, DA-3, DA-4, DA-5, DA-7, DA-10