Refill Belts for Belt Sticks

Refill Belts for Belt Sticks

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Grit, Belt Size
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£11.36£14.27 incl VAT

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Refill Belts for Belt Sticks

Refill Belts for Belt Sticks are Available in 3 sizes, sold in packs of 10.

Use with a belt stick, not included.

Belt sticks are easy to use with a simple spring action.

  • Belt sticks are a hand tool for hand sanding.
  • The pointed end gets into detail.
  • Use by hand.
  • Used by jewellers, sculptors, mould tool polishers, fabricators, foundries etc.

For Engineers

Coarse Aluminium Oxide grits suited to Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Bronze etc. A basic tool which is easy to use for initial deburring and sanding.

The fine tip makes a these sticks really useful on more intricately engineered parts. You can also get finer Micro-Mesh belts which would be well suited to smaller, more precise parts.

For Jewellers

Belt sticks are much like emery sticks and can be used for smoothing work ready for finer papers and then polishing. Micro-mesh belts are also available which makes these belt sticks very versatile for a much finer finish.

Ideal for mixed media work with non precious materials.

Weight 0.05 kg

80g, 120g, 240g, 320g

Belt Size

3/4'' Wide 6'' Long, 1/2'' Wide 6'' Long, 1/4'' Wide 6'' Long