Grit Impregnated Nylon Wheels 22mm Dia on 2.35mm

Grit Impregnated Nylon Wheels 22mm Dia on 2.35mm

£35.92 incl VAT

Grit impregnated nylon wheels are particularly good for threads, they are much harder than radial wheels but can be pushed into details.

On 2.35mm spindle. Sold per 10

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£35.92 incl VAT

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Grit Impregnated Nylon Wheels

Grit impregnated nylon wheels are 22mm diameter on a 2.35mm spindle.

Available in either Aluminium Oxide (whitish) or Silicon Carbide (blue).

Silicon carbide is a sharper grit, making it more aggressive than aluminium oxide.

These wheels are firmer than radial wheels, as a result they work really well for threads and detail areas. The legs are good at reaching down into areas any other abrasive would miss.

Very popular with precision engineers working on aluminium and steel, they will suitably deburr these metals without too much problem.

Sold per 10

If you are looking for something bigger, these nylon filament wheels on a 6mm spindle.

For Engineers

These wheels are excellent for fiddly precision engineered parts. The flexible legs are hard wearing but flexible enough to get into quite tricky spots to smooth and deburr. Particularly good on threads and slots.

For Jewellers

Impregnated nylon wheels are the right scale for jewellery work. They are pretty aggressive and compared to a lot of jewellery tools they are very firm too. Well suited to more unusual jewellery metals rather than perhaps gold and silver. They are good for pushing into detailed areas, unlike radial discs though they will smooth edges off if used for too long. May be a good option for castings, for getting through the casting skin in tough areas.

Weight 0.05 kg

A/O Softer (per 10), S/C – More aggressive (per 10)