Vibratory liquid compound for cleaning and polishing FC120

Vibratory liquid compound for cleaning and polishing FC120

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Vibratory finishing compound used to improve the surface finishing of rumbled parts and also have a rust preventative. All wet vibro finishing processes should be used with a liquid compound with plastic, ceramic and porcelain media. This Vibratory liquid compound media compound will provide you with the following advantages to your current vibro finishing process.

  • Prolonged life of media
  • Improved and brighter surface finish / polishing
  • Degreasing of the component
  • Reduce foam produced from some media
  • Corrosion protection
  • A cleaner process
  • Prevent media from clogging from metal fines and oil
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£11.50£96.95 incl VAT

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This is our most versatile Vibratory liquid compound and can be used on a range of metals including steel, iron, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminium and zinc etc in any Rumbler or vibro machine for deburring and polishing.

What to use Vibratory liquid compound in?
Liquid polishing and cleaning compound is for use in Vibratory Tumbler, Rumbler or even Barrel polishing machines for mass finishing all metal and even some plastic parts. Use at 1% to 2% mixed with water. Do not over do as otherwise too much froth will be formed reducing the action of the vibro machine.

What is it?
This liquid cleaning compound is a neutral product and is biodegradable. It is a universal cleaning and polishing material with corrosion protection.

What metals can I use it on?
All metals: from stainless steel and titanium to softer metals such as Pewter, aluminium, brass, copper. It can even be used on precious metals such as gold and silver.

What will it do?
This is used with a media such as plastic or ceramic media for either texture, polishing or deburring. This special compound has two main jobs firstly it keeps the media and the components clean from the fine bits of metal, dirt and grease which will come off the metal. Secondly, this will aid in the finishing process giving a higher and brighter finish. It will also add a corrosion protection to the metal.

How long does it last?
This must be mixed with water normally at about 2% concentration.

How do I get the best results?
Non or too little compound you will find black dirt stuck onto your metal parts and the compound you are using will stop working. Too much cleaning and polishing compound and you will have a bubble explosion! This will also cushion the rumbling or tumbling process and it will be less effective

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