Donegan Optivisor Magnifier Visor

£83.66 incl VAT

The Donegan Optivisor is the best headband style magnifier on the market. OptiVISOR is a precision binocular headband magnifier which permits unrestricted user efficiency while reducing eye strain—leaves both hands free and allows three dimensional vision. Used by anyone whose profession or craft requires close accurate work. Can be worn over prescription or safety eyeglasses.

Optivisor Magnifier

  • Made in the USA
  • These are popular due to the quality lenses and light weight comfortable headband.
  • The lenses are made from optical polished ground glass lenses
  • Tips up when not in use
  • Allows both hands free to inspect objects
  • Adjusts to fit all head sizes
  • Can be worn over prescription glasses or safety eyewear
  • Interchangeable lens plates are available for various applications.
  • A light and opti-loupe is also available

Do not use as a safety device – not intended as safety glasses or face shield.

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