RODA Felt – Mounted Soft 3-Lap Felt Wheels for Polishing

RODA Felt – Mounted Soft 3-Lap Felt Wheels for Polishing

£7.72£17.11 incl VAT

Soft mounted felt wheels comprising 3 laps of felt.

The flexible and soft qualities of the felt are well suited to final polishing with compound.

With both 2.35mm and 3mm spindle options and various diameters.

Made in our UK factory.

Max RPM 14,000

Sold per pack of 10.

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£7.72£17.11 incl VAT

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3-lap Felt Wheels

3-lap Felt Wheels on 3mm or 2.35mm spindles.

These felt wheels are used for polishing, particularly final finishing because they are so soft – using polishing compound with little cut.

  • We recommend rouge, Lea 309BX, Lea FF9, Diamond Compound, Menzerna Compounds, Dialux to name a few.

Ideally these wheels should be used with air tools, micromotors, flexshafts, pendant drills, Dremels, hobby tools etc.

  • Please check what spindle size your particular tool requires, due to the fact that tools do vary.

These wheels are particularly soft, they suit polishing plastics as they don’t create huge amounts of heat. What is also good for plastics are mounted felt flap wheels because they allow air in keeping the surface cool.

Sold per pack of 10

Max RPM 14,000

Weight 0.1 kg

2.35mm Spindle, 3mm Spindle


22mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm

Unit of Sale

PER 10