Micromotor System MAX FORCE – powerful rotary drill up to 50,000 rpm with 200 Watts

Micromotor System MAX FORCE – powerful rotary drill up to 50,000 rpm with 200 Watts

£879.92 incl VAT

Rotary micro motor system for drilling, grinding, sanding, polishing and de-burring in jewellery and industrial industries. The MAX FORCE Rotary System is an excellent quality machine at a very reasonable price. This unit is very popular in Jewellery workshops as a good workhorse. This fixed straight hand piece is ideal for any deburring or polishing job. This tools has constant variable speed from 10,000 to 50,000rmp so ideal for many applications from drilling and burring jewellery to polishing plastics and resin.

  • variable speed motor from 10,000 to 50,000 RPM
  • High Torque 7.8N.cm
  • 240V
  • 200 Watts – High power machine.
  • Low noise and Vibration – popular for companies reducing risk of white finger.
  • Right and Left Rotation – ideal for deburring and working up to tight edges.
  • Comes with a 3mm Collet (Will take a 2.35mm or 3/32″ collet which is popular for Jewellery)
  • Foot speed control included
  • Built in Micro Processor
  • Brushless motor

A range of collets are available for this tool. CHH 2.35mm, 1.6mm, 3mm and 1/8″ collets.

£879.92 incl VAT

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Micromotor system – Moleroda’s Max Force

Moleroda’s Max Force is a powerful micromotor system with high speed and high torque.

These machines are excellent workhorses and cope well with prolonged use.


This type of Micromotor system machine is new technology and now is much better than air micro pencil grinders as they have variable speed as allow high torque at low speeds. Also simple electric plug. They are similar to the pendant motor or flexible shaft machine but they are much quieter and no vibration also having an electrical cable rather than a rotating flexible shaft so less wearing parts. Many people use Dremel or Proxxon style machines but this offer small light weight hand pieces with a foot control, Dremels are known to burn out with over use. This rotary tool is made with industry use rather than hobbyist in mind.

The variable speed allows this use to be an efficient drill using burrs and able to smoothly cut and blend at its top fast speed. But also being to slow the speeds down but still having torque for larger wheels and to allow abrasives to last a bit longer.

This Micromotor system is used for:

  • polishing – all metals – jewellery making – polishing injection mould tools and other metals
  • deburring of metal components
  • edge breaking / chamfering
  • cleaning
  • de-flashing plastic and metals

For Jewellers

The max force system is what we would recommend for professional Jewellers. It will comfortably work for hours whilst also being comfortable for the user. The low vibration is incredibly attractive when you are using a tool all day.


  • metal working
  • Jewellery polishing
  • precision engineering
  • mould tool polishing

List of items you could use in this Micromotor system:

  • Nylon Mops – for deburring, texturing, cleaning and polishing
  • Radial Discs – for deburring, texturing, cleaning and polishing
  • Felt bobs – for polishing
Weight 25 kg