Kit 53 – Rubber Cone Kit for Scratch Removal

Kit 53 – Rubber Cone Kit for Scratch Removal

£15.00 incl VAT

Rubber Cone kit on 2.35mm

10 off Mixed Rubber Cones

A mix of 80g Red, 120g Blue and 180g Green  *contents may vary slightly.

£15.00 incl VAT

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Rubber Cone Kit

Rubber Cone Kit

Green 180g

Blue 120g

Red 80g

Used for Smoothing scratches, light marks and pitting and burrs ready for polishing. The 180g leaves a bright finish ready to start polishing. Use them inside bores and around sharp edges to remove burrs. There is no need for any compound, the rubber points leave a clean finish. They work on all metals and are of an excellent quality. The rubber is high quality and works well even on steel.

Used With a flexshaft, micromotor or Dremel type hobby tool. They are mounted on a 2.35mm so please check which size you require. Tips Shape the points against an old file to make them conical shaped to get into detail.

Popular With Jewellers, fabricators, polishers, DIY polishing, Bikers, Car Restorers

An excellent tool for speeding up finishing.

For Jewellers

The grits are suitable for smoothing and scratch removal before polishing. These rubber points are a bit harder than silicone wheels so will last a bit longer.

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